Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Do U.S. Food Companies Achieve Competitive Advantages by Implementing Green Strategies throughout their Supply Chains?

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    The research examines whether U.S. food companies will achieve competitive advantages by implementing green strategies throughout their supply chains. Since being green has been a strategy for companies to pursue both financial and social benefits, companies have increasingly implemented green strategies. However, the food industry faces many challenges and issues in the supply chain. Using prior research as the measure to gauge how green strategies will help food companies achieve competitive advantages, this study examined green strategies implemented throughout the supply chain by U.S. food companies. It found that food companies which implement green strategies in food supply chain will consider different strategies in different processes. However, these green strategies should respond to the issues regarding the food supply chain, have innovative thinking, integrate sustainability into the core business strategy, and market their brand image with green concept to the public. By adopting these principles, food companies can achieve competitive advantages through differentiated green.