Advances in Management and Applied Economics

An optimizing omni-channel strategy for ride-hailing companies: The case of GOJEK in Indonesia

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    This study aims to analyse GOJEK, the largest on-demand, ride-hailing service in Indonesia, and optimize its omni-channel strategy. A content analysis of using website information, internet documents and journal papers was conducted. This study found that although GO-JEK is already strong in its multiple channels, it might be a great idea to improve customerís experience through its optimizing omni-channel strategy. The idea is to connect and maximize their online and offline channels. Therefore, we proposed four approaches, namely creating offline booths, opening drop-offs sites in supermarkets, collaboration with e-commerce sites for the same city delivery, and availability to order from GO-JEK websites.


    JEL classification numbers: M15, M30, M31

    Keywords: GOJEK, Omni-channel strategy, Ride-hailing, Online transportation.