Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Holistic Complex-Systems Model to Solve Macroeconomics Issues (HC-SMSMI)

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    Macroeconomics issues involves interrelated elements: goods and services, input costs, profit or loss, international trade (import and export) industrial productivity, output quantities, pricing level, employment rate, capital expenditure and financial market, wealth, expectation, consumption pattern, among others. Macroeconomics examines the economy as a whole. In this system, both, corporate and public sectors are linked by financial markets to make fund flow from public to business. Financial markets are complex systems which have been analyzed under a hard system thinking; from a holistic view, it can be said that there have been many critical issues unsolved in today´s world; thus, it is necessary to develop and apply models where the whole system is considered by including all kinds of relationships among all the participants. As a starting point of a new dimension of holistic thinking, to understand the dynamics of global financial market as well as its role in the economic system and to find new ways for analyzing them, it is proposed a system view to set the basis to identify and examine the dynamics of global financial and economical markets system and their relationships under a holistic, complex and soft view by introducing a new proposed model based on Soft Systems Thinking.