Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Why do you buy digital goods in the mobile game? The value perspective

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    Mobile games had dominated the games market in the last decade; meanwhile, mobile games become one of the most popular leisure activity to modern people. People can use their mobile phones or tablets to enjoy the fascinated and absorbed gaming environment. But, previous studies of mobile games neglect the scenario of purchase intention, meaning that what factors influence users to buy digital goods in mobile games. As a result, this research proposes and verify a research framework and hypotheses, including the factors of hedonic value, utilitarian value, economic value, satisfaction, loyalty, and purchase intention. The results of this study state that perceived values are key determinants of users’ loyalty, satisfaction, and purchase intention of digital goods. More importantly, this study found that loyalty serves as an essential mediating factor between satisfaction and purchase intention. The research findings provide significant observations to know how game developers should emphasize lock-in activities to improve users’ satisfaction, loyalty, and purchase intention.


    JEL classification numbers: L82, M31

    Keywords: Mobile games, Perceived value, Satisfaction, Loyalty, Purchase intention