Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Generation Difference of Post-90s in the Context of the Rise of Social Commerce

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    Due to the rapid rising of social network and the in the gradual encountering of bottlenecks in the development of traditional e-commerce, social commerce has emerged as blooming business model under the Internet age. Post-90s generation was born and grew up in the era of Internet growing rapidly. They are inseparable from social network in life, learning, and values. This research aims to study the social commerce behaviors of post-90s and the generational differences with non-post-90s in China. This paper is based on the Hajli theoretical model to study consumer social commerce behaviors with social support theory and social commerce constructs in China’s post-90 generation. This, study gets totally 609 valid sample questionnaires under the most popular WeChat social platform China. Through the empirical research using SEM-PLS, the statistical analysis proved that the social commerce construction and social support have significant influence to Social commerce intentions in post-90s. Also compared with non-post-90s, the results show that there exists significant difference in Social commerce behaviors to post-90s.


    JEL classification numbers: L81, L87

    Keywords: Social Commerce, Post-90s, Generational Difference