Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Urban Population Growth and the Environment in China: An Investigation

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    The controversy surrounding population growth-environmental nexus is waning as recent evidence from streams of literature confirmed such linkages. One such study is the effect of rapidly growing urban-population-growth on the environment in China, and this paper investigates the link between urban-population-growth and carbon dioxide emissions from fuel combustion from residential buildings, commercial and public services. Based on the data collected, a -shaped similar to N-shaped Environmental Kuznets Curve has been found: linear, square and cubic relationships have been found to exist between urban-population-growth and the environment. The findings further indicate that with or without the controlled variables, the coefficients of urban-population-growth are statistically significant, and causal relationship exists. This paper contributes to the growing literature on the debate between population-growth and the environment. The urban-population-growth and the environment appeals may be an appropriate strategy to get the attention of policymakers to act.