Journal of Statistical and Econometric Methods

Wind speed analysis with the upper truncated quasi Lindley distribution

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    We propose a new distribution with extra shape parameter named a truncated quasi Lindley distribution which is more flexible than many well-known distributions. Mathematical and statistical properties of truncated quasi Lindley distribution are given only for upper truncated version of quasi Lindley distribution to reduce the mathematical complexity. An important property of the upper truncated quasi Lindley distribution is that it can have bathtub-shaped failure rate function. We present some of its mathematical properties including ordinary moments, quantile and moment generating functions, order statistics. The method of maximum likelihood to estimate the model parameters is discussed and the behavior of maximum likelihood estimator is studied. The importance of the new distribution is illustrated by means of the wind speed data and the capability in modeling wind speed is evaluated. The results indicate that the truncated version of quasi Lindley distribution can provide better fits than Exponential, Lindley, quasi Lindley and Weibull distributions in estimating wind speed distribution. Therefore, truncated quasi Lindley can be an alternative for use in the assessment of wind energy potential.