Journal of Finance and Investment Analysis

The Common Commercial Policy as a Legal Instrument of Confirmation of the European Union International Identity

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    The key component of European Union external action is undoubtedly its Common Commercial Policy. Under EU primary law, the exercise of this policy falls within the exclusive competence of the EU. In order to assure its implementation, the competent EU institutions negotiate and conclude international agreements with third countries and adopt secondary law acts, mainly in the form of Regulations with the aim of liberalizing and expanding international trade as well as promoting-protecting the commercial interests of member states' businesses in the international markets. The aim of the study is to examine the question of the delimitation of the scope of the Common Commercial Policy as well as the operation of the EU institutional system regarding its the formation and implementation after previously analyzing the objectives served by the exercise of this common policy in the field of international economic relations.


    JEL classification numbers: K20, K33, F13.

    Keywords: European Union Law, Common Commercial Policy.