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Legal deposit
By law, a copy of every UK print publication must be given to the British Library by its publishers, and to five other major libraries that request it. This system is called legal deposit and has been a part of English law since 1662.

From 6 April 2013, legal deposit also covers material published digitally and online, so that the Legal Deposit Libraries can provide a national archive of the UK's non-profit published material, such as websites, blogs, e-journals and CR-ROMs. click here to read more

Recently Published Articles
Hybrid regularization for wavelet frame and total variation with application to Poisson noise removal
       Xiaojuan Yang
Real-world driving, energy demand and emissions of electrified vehicles
       Ulrike Kugler, Simone Ehrenberger, Mascha Brost, Holger Dittus and Enver Doruk Özdemir
PM10 non-exhaust emission factors from road tunnel measurements considering deposition and resuspension
       Ulrich Uhrner, Thomas Nöst and Peter J. Sturm
Factors Affecting the Exchange Rate Risk Premium
       Ioannis N. Kallianiotis
What drives the liquidity position of foreign-owned banks? The case of Poland
       Karolina Patora

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