Journal of Finance and Investment Analysis

Business Ethics Covid and War in the Center of Lignite Production

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    Business Ethics are often characterized as a "permanent struggle against the impossible", noting that they essentially create a system in every organization that allow the organization to co-exist with its employees in the best possible way. Business Ethics usually coexist with Corporate Social Responsibility which can be described as the art of wealth accumulation and the relationship between the companies and the society. At the same time, people wonder what is the legalization of the assumption of Social Responsibility by a company, as it does not always co-exist with the ethical issues that arise and does not solve the company’s problems. Nevertheless, it has often been spoken about the need to reconcile business logic and ethics which is not at all a given and certain concept, as the business world aims to generate profit; while on the other hand, ethics has solidarity, justice and ethical values as its main basis. Seeing Business Ethics in its every aspect we come across a continuous cycle of crises without breaks in the recent decades, referring to the economic and environmental crisis, the pandemic and the recent Russian-Ukrainian war. In these circumstances, that business attempt to describe the basic dilemma in “ethical management", it is emphasized that people and companies must as individuals and as communities decide whether to follow “a priori” principles of ethics such as solidarity or equality or whether, taking into consideration first the consequences of each action, then make the decision on which principles to follow.


    Keywords: Business Ethics, companies, Corporate Social Responsibility, Crisis, pandemic, War.