Journal of Finance and Investment Analysis

Multi-interregional economic impact analysis based on multi-interregional input output model consisting of 7 regions of Vietnam, 2000

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    I/O models have been widely used to assess the impacts of many changes in an economy. An I/O model is also an important tool to make forecasts and the results from an I/O model are very helpful in many policy-making processes. Many scientific findings in economics have to give credit to the I/O approach developed by Leontief and this study is none of the exceptions. This study has gone one step further to develop a new concept, economy-wide multipliers in order to come up with practical results to assess the modernization process in Vietnamís economy. In the following pages, the Vietnamís economy will be analyzing based on the economy-wide  multipliers, calculated from the multi-regional input output model of 7 regions and 10 aggregated sectors in Vietnam.