Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical properties of shallow marine sediments, offshore Olokola, Nigeria

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    Oil and gas Exploration and Production operations in Nigeria is rapidly shifting to the shallow offshore section of the continental shelf following prolific hydrocarbon finds in the area and increased militancy in the alternative onshore locations. This is besides the significant military, civil and scientific applications that are possible in this environment. Offshore operations experience considerable geotechnical challenges which are better understood and resolved with improved understanding of the geotechnical properties of the shallow marine environment. This study investigates the spatial distribution and potential trends of pertinent geotechnical properties within the offshore corridor of Olokola, covering an area in which a total pipeline network of 463km runs. The results indicate that the value of pertinent geotechnical parameters vary systematically and appears to be governed by trends to a large degree, suggesting an overwhelming influence of vectors such as tidal currents and waves in the distribution of shallow offshore sediments. The spatial variation of each parameter has been characterized.

    Keywords: Geotechnical properties, shallow marine, offshore, Nigeria.