Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Digital Transformation and Strategic Analysis of Human Resource Value

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    With the development of COVID-19, the corporate value evaluation model has gradually changed from traditional concepts to the digital information. This article aims to analyse how the value chain of human resource management practice creates competitive advantages and value for enterprises, focuses on the value chain model, and explores value activities in practice. The decision-making model and research topic direction of human resource management are put forward to provide a reference for personnel management. Combining AMO (ability, motivation, and opportunity), employee competence, employee motivation, employee opportunity, and to use the following formula to maximize the organizationís revenue. Digital transformation has improved the quality of human resource management. This study is based on the implementation of human resource management systems and human resources in listed companies in Taiwan. The survey results show that capital, employee engagement, organizational behaviour, and digital transformation help practitioners understanding.


    JEL classification numbers: M1, M12.

    Keywords: Enterprise Value, Competitive Advantage, Organizational Performance, Digital Transformation.