Advances in Management and Applied Economics

The Learning Outcomes of Industry Expert Collaborative Teaching and Enterprise Visits on Students in Business Schools of Universities of Technology in Taiwan

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  • Abstract

    Technological and vocational education has developed in Taiwan for over 60 years and played a crucial role in cultivating talents for infrastructure construction and driving industries and economic growth there. Universities and colleges across Taiwan have introduced resources from various industries and adopted the two-teacher system to strengthen their practical teaching in recent years. To be specific, these schools hire experts in various industries for collaborative teaching and encourage enterprise visits, thereby presenting more opportunities for students to get involved in experiential learning. This study explored the learning outcomes of industry expert collaborative teaching and enterprise visits on students studying in business schools of universities of technology in Taiwan. Moreover, policies announced by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan were introduced and analyzed. Finally, the specific suggestions proposed in this study can be served as a reference to industries, the government, universities, and institutions in their effort to innovate teaching methods and improve teaching quality.


    JEL classification numbers: A22, D83.

    Keywords: Technological and vocational education, Industry expert collaborative teaching, Enterprise visits, Learning outcomes.