Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Exploring Equality in the Workplace from the Perspective of Recruitment and Fairness Perception-Taking SMEs as an Example

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    This research mainly discusses the development of workplace equality by exploring the experience of SME recruitment and selection, in-depth understanding of both SME interviewers and job seekers, and the perception of fairness and respect in the process of recruitment activities. Based on the experience of job-seekers' experience of the selection mechanism, the results of the company's selection mechanism and jobseekers' experience are analyzed, and the best practice is selected through literature discussion and comparison with practice. This research is based on semi-structured interview method, interviews are conducted according to the research topic and the researcher itself is used as a research tool, and the analysis is followed by discussion, so as to understand the recruitment and selection mechanism of SMEs and the best model for the development of equal rights in the workplace. The problems found in this study will also discuss their specific possible solutions, and provide enterprises with a reference for the design and application of the recruitment and selection process.


    Keywords: Recruitment, Fairness Perception, Workplace Equality.