Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Dimensions of Innovation Performance for Business Competitiveness

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    Due to the proliferation of market globalization, the acceleration of technological change, the development of new information systems and the changing environment that companies face today, the need for information is vital to ensure the permanence and growth of companies, allowing them to innovate and thus, be able to be competitive in the sector in which they operate. This is why the objective of the research presented is to analyze the impact that the dimensions of innovation in products, innovation in processes and innovation in management systems have on performance innovation. The study has a quantitative approach, applying the structural equation modeling (SEM) technique, used to test the research hypotheses and, in this way, generate contributions and strategic recommendations for the maintenance and strengthening of the business sector.

    JEL classification numbers: M13.

    Keywords: Innovation performance, Competitiveness, Product innovation, Process innovation, Innovation in management systems.