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A Study of Evaluating Organizational Performance Based on Balanced Scoresheet Viewpoint

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    Enterprise organizational performance refers to the number, quality, efficiency and profitability of tasks completed by individual members of an organization in a certain period of time. The realization of enterprise organizational performance should be based on the realization of individual performance, but the realization of individual performance does not necessarily guarantee that the enterprise organization has performance. If the performance of an enterprise organization is broken down to every job and every person according to a certain logical relationship, as long as each person meets the requirements of the enterprise organization, the performance of the enterprise organization can be achieved. The balanced scorecard (BSC) is a well-designed indicator system according to the strategic requirements of the enterprise organization. According to Kaplan and Norton, BSC is a tool for performance management. The management tools of its business strategy measure the business situation of the enterprise from four aspects: finance, customers, internal process of the enterprise, learning and growth, so as to improve the organizational performance, from a to a +, towards the long-term development of the enterprise. It decomposes the strategic objectives of the enterprise into various specific and balanced performance evaluation index systems, and evaluates the realization of these evaluation indexes in different periods of time, and continuously modifies and improves them, so as to establish a reliable basis for the completion of the strategic objectives of the enterprise. Therefore, this study explores the use of BSC in business management strategy framework, through the logical analysis of experts and scholars, to find out the appropriate criteria; to establish a complete business management system, so as to contribute to the operation of business strategy for improving organizational performance, establishing customer value, and making the business sustainable.

    JEL classification numbers: D23, C52, K32.

    Keywords: Organizational Performance, Balanced Scorecard, Operation.