Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Examining Cross-Industry Collaboration in Sharing Economy Based On Social Exchange and Social Network Theories

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    Information technology and advanced online environments have reduced the cost of these exchange activities and triggered the emergence of the sharing economy. Con-sequently, public attitude toward the sharing economy has gradually shifted from re-luctance to acceptance. Moreover, the sharing economy has revolutionized the busi-ness models and viewpoints of conventional industries, and sharing service providers have gradually shifted from an independent to a collaborative stance, thereby affect-ing conventional economies. This study interprets the phenomenon of cross-industry collaboration in the sharing economy through social exchange and social network the-ories. A multiple-case research framework is used to examine tourism and service in-dustries. Secondary data of service providers and users on sharing platforms are ana-lyzed using content analysis, supplemented with a content analysis of the interview data of three hotel executives. The varying phenomena of the conventional and shar-ing economies on social exchange and social network were compared. Finally, this paper proposes conclusions and practical recommendations according to the analytical results.


    JEL classification numbers: D85, M31, L14.

    Keywords: Cross-Industry Collaboration, Sharing Economy, Social Exchange, Social Network.