Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Coopetition between Taxi Passenger Transport and Passenger Car Rental Industries in Taiwan

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    At present, taxi passenger transport and passenger car rental industries offer passenger transport services with small-sized vehicles in Taiwan. These two industries overlap but have significant differences in their management and business models. Recently, the introduction of online car-hailing platforms (sharing-economy industries like Uber) into Taiwan has intensified the competition and conflicts between these two industries. Thus, the Taiwan government has amended the law to distinguish them from each other more clearly. This study adopted observation and case study methods for the analysis of competition and cooperation between these two industries in Taiwan. Lastly, it offered suggestions on the future development of the two industries, in the hope of providing reference for the fields across academia, industry and government.


    JEL classification numbers: L98, R48.

    Keywords: Taxi Passenger Transport Industry, Passenger Car Rental Industry, Sharing Economy.