Advances in Management and Applied Economics

The Sustainable Service Innovation Model in the Chain Restaurant Industry: Circular Economy Perspective

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  • Abstract  

    This study is based on the circular economy perspective, emphasizes the user-based development of a new sustainable service model, and is based on the four stages of service innovation (innovation element exploration, requirement analysis, innovation model conceptualization, innovation model verification) to effectively develop and validate the sustainable service innovation model. The research results show that the enterprise believes that in the main dimensions of the chain restaurant sustainable service innovation model, as compared to the “Pre-service” dimension, the “During-service” dimension, the “Post-service” dimension, the “Leftover food” dimension, and the “Support system and service” dimension, the “NG vegetable and fruit” dimension is more critical. The empirical results of both the enterprise and the customer show that [Leftover food service] is the least valued. [NG fruits and vegetables] is valued by the enterprise, but the customer does not pay attention to it. [Support system and technology] is valued by the customer, but it is least valued by the enterprise. 
    Keywords: Sustainable service innovation model, circular economy, service blueprint, chain restaurant industry, NG fruits and vegetables, Leftover food service.