Advances in Management and Applied Economics

The Entrepreneurial Orientation and its Impact on Competitiveness and Growth: Empirical Evidence in the State of Aguascalientes in Mexico

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    Nowadays, increasing attention is being paid to entrepreneurship in general and entrepreneurship in developing countries, therefore entrepreneurship is one of the factors to change developing countries and is considered a micro-driver of innovation and economic growth. Schumpeter has stated that main agent of economic development is entrepreneurs stimulating the new products, new production methods and economical activities and making out other innovations. The entrepreneurship capacity determines the competitiveness of an organization. Therefore entrepreneurs are considered a vital resource. For this reason, the development of a culture of entrepreneurship in society is a basic tool for the economic and social development which improves the competitiveness of a country. Thus, the essential objective of this paper is to analyze the effects of entrepreneurial orientation on competitiveness and growth of manufacturing companies with an emphasis in the automotive and auto parts industry, using for it a sample of 217 firms of the State of Aguascalientes in Mexico. The obtained results show that entrepreneurial orientation has a positive influence on competitiveness and growth of the manufacturing companies in the State of Aguascalientes in Mexico. 

    Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Aguascalientes, Competitiveness, Growth.