Advances in Management and Applied Economics

Impact of the Creative Demolition Management in Improving of the Business Organizations Performance in the Jordanian Hashemite Kingdom A Case Study of Jordanian Phosphate Mines Company

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    This study aims to determine the reality of the creative demolition management in Jordanian business organizations and to detect on the level of improvement of the quality of services in the business organizations in the Kingdom. The study also sought to identify the role of the creative demolition management in improving the performance level in the business organizations, and whether there are differences in views of the sample about the impact of the creative demolition management in improving the performance of the business organizations according to the personal and functional variables. The scientific approach, which combines among descriptive and analytic methods were used, A sample of (500) respondents was selected from the total study population of (4320) employees from various works and activities, whether technical or operational or mining, engineering and administrative works. The number of questionnaires approved for analysis (420) questionnaire representing (10%) of the total study population. The results showed that the creative demolition management in its three axes combined as a whole has a significant impact on improving the performance. The results indicated that these axes are responsible for interpreting 46% of the changes. At the end of the study, the researcher presented a number of recommendations to the concerned authorities to increase the importance of developing its procedures and productivity processes through the practice of the creative demolition management, since there is a close relationship between these practices and improving the performance level, and conducting further studies in this field.

    JEL classification numbers: P27

    Key words: Creative Demolition, Performance, Business Organizations, Jordanian Phosphate Mines Company.