Journal of Applied Medical Sciences

Helicobacter Pylori Diagnosis by Stool Antigen ELISA and Rapid Test

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    An evaluation of a rapid test for the presence of Helicobacter pylori from stool specimens looking for antigen proceeded for a period of 8 months from March to November 2011. A total of 212 stool samples were collected from 2 different hospitals in Holy Makkah City. Twenty six patients were positive for H. pylori by the ELISA test which was used as the gold standard. The rapid test when compared to the ELISA test, gave discrepant results 10 patients, six of them were false positive, while four were false negative. The sensitivity, specificity of the rapid test was 85% (11/13), 97% (90/93) respectively, while the positive and negative predictive value was 79% (11/14), 98% (90/92) respectively. The total accuracy was 95.3% (202/212). The non-invasive method for antigen detection directly from stool samples can be considered as an alternative test that provides comparable reliability and validity to the histology and rapid urease tests for the detection of H. pylori infections.