Journal of Applied Medical Sciences

Disease Mongering in Neurological Disorders

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    “Diseases mongering”, than a simple definition would be enforced "to promote or sell disease". The main and common characteristhics of all these "diseases" is that they are amenable to treatment with drugs. So, the pharmaceutical industry redefining the concept of disease, the normal and pathological. In Neurology exploits the deepest atavistic fears of suffering and death. We select some diseases, the choise was based on lack or weak evidence in definition of disease; or cost benefit of treatment; or the new clasiffication that assign criteria of severity of one disease. In everything this situation implied use of expensive treatments. The entities included, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, in adults, Multiple Sclerosis, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Drug Resistant Epilepsy, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Excessive daytime sleepiness/ Chronic Fatigue. In developing countries the impact of this situation is even worse for the scarce resources and inequitable health condition. Health professionals become aware of this situation.