Journal of Applied Medical Sciences

Impact of exercise and physical activity in women who have undergone breast cancer surgery

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  • Abstract

    Sixty-two women with mean age of 54.8 years have been part of this study; of them, twenty-nine have undergone unilateral quadrantectomy surgery and thirty-three unilateral radical mastectomy surgery. The mean surgery time was six years and seven months. The study was carried out with women who underwent these types of surgeries over a period over six months and who went to all physiotherapy sessions after surgery recommended by a physician and by the Brazilian Health System (SUS), being it twelve sessions. The joint range of motion was measured by means of a FisioStore goniometer. The movements studied were: flexion and hyperextension of the arm, abduction and adduction of the arm, horizontal extension and flexion of the arm, internal and external rotation of the arm and lifting and lowering of the shoulder. The exercise program was formulated with exercises for proprioception, muscle strengthening, stretching and games. Results: There was gain in the joint range of motion in all the movements of the shoulder and acromioclavicular joints of the left and right surgical sides. For statistical analysis, paired student's t-test was used. Statistical results of the means before and after the provision of a physical exercise program for the range of motion of the shoulder and acromioclavicular joints were significant for all joint movements for the surgical side.

    Keywords: Physical exercise. Mastectomy. Quadrantectomy. Goniometry.