Journal of Applied Medical Sciences

Assessment of Girth and abdominal fat reduction in people using an abdominal slimming system

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    Four groups of subjects participated in a 30 day randomized blinded study to measure the effects of an abdominal slimming system (lipolytic agent suspended in a cream, an abdominal belt and abdominal exercise) (ABSS). The subjects were divided into 4 groups. The first group was the control group, on whom only measurements were accomplished (lifestyle control group). They were instructed to not change their lifestyle. The second group (lifestyle + ABSS) used a thermal accelerator cream and abdominal belt twice a day, 7 days a week with abdominal exercise. They were not on a diet and instructed to not change their lifestyle. The third group participated in a diet and accomplished 180 minutes of mixed modality moderate intensity exercise per week (exercise control group). The exercise involved a variety of suggested exercise which kept their target heart rate at 50-85% of their maximum heart rate. The fourth group did the same program as the exercise control group and they used the ABSS system for 7 days a week (Exercise plus ABSS). Data was collected after 7 days and 30 days. The results of the experiments showed that while the lifestyle control group did not change subcutaneous fat over the one-month period, the lifestyle plus ABSS group, while not altering other body parameters i.e. thigh girth, did reduce abdominal girth and subcutaneous fat measured by Ultrasound. As expected, the exercise control group experienced reductions in weight loss, reduction in girth at the waist and abdominal fat loss. Exercise plus ABSS caused the greatest reduction in abdominal girth and subcutaneous fat and was significant compared to the exercise control group. The difference in fat loss for the exercise plus ABSS group compared to the exercise group was approximately twice the loss in fat in the abdominal area while some participants experienced as much as 4 times the fat loss due to ABSS. The study statistically demonstrated that abdominal girth and abdominal fat can be selectively targeted by the ABSS system under conditions of not changing lifestyle and when combining with diet and exercise.