Journal of Applied Medical Sciences

Muscle Use during Isometric muscle co-contraction compared to Abdominal Crunches and A Commercial Multi Gym Exerciser

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    Isometric exercise has been shown to increase metaboliasm in muscle. By contracting agonsit / antagonist muscle pairs, appreciable muscle activity can be achieved. An advanatge of isometric exercise is that no exercise equipment is needed; people can exercise at home on their own. In the present investigation 16 subjects were examined during an isometric co contraction exercise video compared to situps and 8 weight lifting exercises to assess how musch work was done on each. The results of the experiments showed that the video worked out all 10 muscle groups whereas the other exercises targeted specific muscle gorups. The video was equivalent to doing continuous situps for 8 minutes, lifting 20 lbs with a chest press, 10 lbs with a biceps curl, 10 lbs with a triceps curl, 30 lbs with a lats pull down, 60 lbs of back extension, 30 lbs of abdominal flexion, 40 lbs of leg extension or 50 lbs of a leg curl for 8 minutes.