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Radiology of Urinary Schistosomiasis: A case Report and Review of Literature

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    A 23 year old male undergraduate presented to our health facility with 10 year history of terminal haematuria, dysuria, feelings of incomplete emptying and increased urinary frequency. His clinical examination was unremarkable. He had a plain abdominal x-ray done, and it shows rim calcification of the urinary bladder wall. The bladder wall was also observed to be thickened on sonographic assessment. There was also mild dilatation of the calyces bilaterally, and cow-horn appearance of the distal ureters was also demonstrated radiologicaally. A clinical and radiological diagnosis of urinary schistosomiasis was made and he was medically treated with praziquantel. Hes currently on regular follow-up at urology clinic of the institution. Terminal hematuria has stopped, but occasional feelings of incomplete emptying is still being experienced.