Journal of Applied Medical Sciences

Telemedicine: A System of Practicing Medicine

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    Under the Telemedicine system, a person can practice medicine despite the long distance. The system is facilitated by the use of computers networks created through technology. This is new technology in medicine that spring in the 20th century. It involves giving advice as well as treatment from far distances. The development of telemedicine has benefited from the advancement experienced in information technology. This paper aims at studying the benefits, challenges and on the means to address the challenges in telemedicine. The methodology used is the critical review of current pieces of literature. This paper presents a critical literature review of papers that have studied the Telemedicine. The critical review involves identifying the benefits and challenges that face telemedicine. The benefits identified include fostering the health care services. It is also significant in addressing chronic illness. The challenges identified involve lack of standardization. The system is also facing ethical limits. The methods suggested to address the challenges in telemedicine include the use of reliable devices in the treatment of patients. The second technique is through the formulation of legislations on the communication between patients and physicians in the telemedicine system.