Journal of Applied Medical Sciences

Study of Life Habits, Blood Pressure and Physical Inactivity in Male Subjects and their correlation with Chronic Diseases

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    Background: Show that eating habits and lifestyles not suitable for health, can contribute to the early onset of chronic diseases. To study eating habits and lifestyles in male subjects and correlate with chronic diseases. Method: Using a questionnaire containing the name, age, lifestyle, nutrition and physical inactivity. Also, it was applied exercise test using the Bruce- exercise test protocol to measure physical effort. Results: The results showed high correlations between variables, specifically, heart rate, systolic blood pressure and blood pressure diastólica. As lower correlations were observed in relation to the variable idade. As to lives habits, individuals belonging to two classes and three have higher predisposition to cardiovascular diseases. Conclusions: Excessive consumption of red meat, tobacco, alcohol, physical inactivity, stress, intolerance are factors that we should be watchful for our health and the onset of chronic diseases at an early age, specifically, hypertension and diseases cardiovascular, thus, a population of young people with predisposition for Non-communicable chronic diseases- NCDs. The results showed high correlations between variables.