Journal of Finance and Investment Analysis

Deterministic discounting of risky cash-flows

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  • Times downloaded: 2008
  • Abstract

    A model to value risky cash-flows through discounting at deterministic rates is presented. The analysis mainly concerns with the valuation of projectís levered cash-flows under default risky debt and general tax shield assumptions. Deterministic unlevered and levered rates as well as a deterministic Weighted Average Cost of Capital (dWACC) are defined and the relevant relationships among them are derived. The model allows to account for the risk of cash-flows in a proper way and produce exact results as in the stochastic discounting method. To illustrate the model, a numerical example about the evaluation of a two-period investment project with default risky debt is provided. The proposed approach is general and represents a first step toward a bridge between stochastic models for capital budgeting and more traditional capital budgeting techniques based on discounted cash-flow analysis.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: G31; G32; G33
    Keywords: Risky cash-flow; risky debt; tax shield; present value; WACC