Journal of Finance and Investment Analysis

Profit value of the co-operative Banks in Greece

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    The analysis of the banking sector has been the object of study by many researchers. In this study will be evaluated the profitability, the efficiency and the liquidity of the co-operative banks in Greece for the time period 1999-2014. In order to achieve this we present the course of the co-operative banks in Greece and we analyze a series of basic arithmetic indexes. For the analysis of the economic magnitudes of the co-operative banks the groups of indexes such as: of profitability, of efficiency and of liquidity are being implemented. With the help of the above indexes the values of the corresponding magnitudes for the co-operative banks as a whole through the years is compared. Finally, through the above analysis the reasons for these changes through time are pointed out. From the analysis is revealed that profitability and efficiency for the co-operative banks turn out to be very satisfactory.