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Special weakly Ricci symmetric lightlike hypersurfaces in indefinite Kenmotsu space forms

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    In this paper, we study weakly Á-Ricci symmetric and special weakly Ricci symmetric lightlike hypersurfaces of indefinite Kenmotsu space form, tangent to the structure vector field. We obtain sufficient condition for a weakly F-Ricci symmetric lightlike hypersurface to be n- Einstein in indefinite Kenmotsu space form. Later, we give some results. On the other hand, we obtain sufficient conditions for a lightlike hypersurface to be a special weakly Ricci symmetric (SWRS) lightlike hypersurface in indefinite Kenmotsu space form and we show that a special weakly Ricci symmetric (SWRS) lightlike hypersurface is totally
    geodesic under certain a condition.

    Mathematics Subject Classification: 53C15; 53C25; 53C50
    Keywords: Weakly Á-Ricci symmetric; Special Weakly Ricci symmetric; Indefinite Kenmotsu space form; Lightlike hypersurface