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Magnetic Effect on Slip Flow of Blood through Porous Medium with Time Dependent Permeability, Pulsatile Pressure and Body Acceleration

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    This paper investigates the flow of blood through a porous medium with time dependent permeability, in an inclined artery having mild stenosis, in the presence of pulsatile pressure gradient. The blood flow is assumed to possess Newtonian character and an azimuthal uniform magnetic field is imposed. The fluid flow takes place under body acceleration and we assume the existence of a slip velocity at the stenosed section of the arterial wall. Employing multi-parameter perturbation procedure, solutions are obtained for the flow field and wall shear stress and their behaviors are analyzed under the influence of various relevant parameters concerning the magnetic field, slip velocity, porosity, inclination, pulsatile pressure and the periodic body acceleration. The results are displayed pictorially and construed. The results reveal that the azimuthal magnetic field, slip velocity, inclination, pulsatile pressure, periodic body acceleration and the time-dependent permeability of the porous medium play significant roles on the velocity field, and the wall shear stress. The imposition of the magnetic field causes a decline in the axial velocity of blood and the wall shear stress. Further, a growth in the porosity of the medium causes a rise in the axial blood velocity as well as the wall shear stress.