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Integrated SAR /GPS / INS for Target Geolocation Improvement

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    A big percentage of military men and policy of scientific research aims in the sector of technology of fusion of sensors. However, up to now there has been a little progress in the fusion study of Radar sensors with Synthetic Diaphragm (Synthetic Aperture Radar sensors (SARS)) and Pilotage Sensors. As indicative examples, one can state the sensors of inactive pilotage (Inertial Navigation Sensors (INS)), as well as the systems of world localization (Global Positioning System (GPS)). SARS are used in recognition operations and pursuit. The received SAR scope and measurement rate are processed independently from the system of pilotage. This work investigates a likely technique for the fusion of information from the pilotage sensors and the measurements of objectives SAR. An incorporated system INS/GPS/SAR is simulated through a Kalman filter, and the SAR profits of geolocation precision objectives are analyzed. Three different models of GPS are used. Each GPS model is incorporated in a common INS/SAR combination aiming at the improvement of geolocation precision objectives. The obtained results show that the pursuit with use of SAR can be strengthened, via the conformity of unification of an INS/GPS pilotage system, without any increase of SAR analysis.