Journal of Applied Finance & Banking

Financialization and Risk Taking of Non-Financial Corporations Empirical Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies

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  • Abstract 

    Using China's A-share listed companies as a sample, this paper provides empirical evidence that with the deepening of financialisation in non-financial corporate sector, the level of corporate risk-taking is significantly reduced, and the complete mediating effect is R&D innovation. The results are still robust when we use instrumental variable method, and the negative impact of financialisation on corporate risk taking is significantly reduced under the constraints of a good governance mechanism. It is further found that as the degree of financialization in non-financial corporate sector deepens, even if enterprises have the ability to take risks, they have no willingness to take risks. This paper theoretically demonstrates the micro-inducement of the insufficient motivation for enterprise development, under the “siphon effect” of financialization. 

    JEL classification numbers: G32, G38
    Keywords: Financialization; Risk taking; Entrepreneurial spirit; Corporate governance.