Journal of Applied Finance & Banking

The Role of Environmental Accounting in Sustainable Development. Empirical Study

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  • Abstract

    The primary aim of this study is to identify how environmental or green Accounting could contribute and ensure sustainable development. It is a descriptive study which has investigated about the environmental accounting and sustainable development from the existing literature. The result indicated that most organizations often ignore large environmental costs. The sound green practice accounting is required. It has also been noted that accountants have unquestioned authority in the field of financial reporting for rights obligations arising under emissions trading schemes in the financial carbon accounting. Finally, the overall results summary of the review shows that the good practice of environmental accounting is vital for sustainability development, especially for focusing on environmental and environmental taxes, costs, and appreciation of ecosystem services, the cost of carbon dioxide, and the cost of water pollution which ensure the sustainable development.

    JEL classification numbers: Q56
    Keywords: Sustainable Development, Environmental Accounting.