Journal of Applied Finance & Banking

Whether Family-owned Enterprises Affect the Correlation between the Extent of export and the Acquisition of the Third-party Assurance of the Corporate Social Responsibility Reports

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    What are the impacts of the extent of export on the corporate social responsibility (CSR) report disclosure and assurance of family firms? This research considers the role of Taiwan’s supply chain around the world and compares family-owned and non-family-owned enterprises to determine if there are differences on whether the firm issue CSR report and acquire the third party assurance in accordance with the extent of export. We utilizes companies listed firms from 2008 to 2019 as the sample. The results show that family-owned enterprises are less likely to issue corporate social responsibility reports and acquire the third-party assurance even if they have high export level. The research contributes to prior CSR report disclosure literature by showing evidence on the type of companies or corporate governance mechanisms that could acquire the assurance service of the third party. Moreover, the economy in Taiwan mainly relies on the massive export. The evidence provided by this study should give valuable implications to the academia, practice and government.


    Keywords: Family-owned enterprises; corporate social responsibility report; extent of export; third party assurance.