Journal of Applied Finance & Banking

Are Investors Willing to Buy Non-award-wining Funds from Awarded Fund Companies?

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  • Abstract

    This study takes Franklin Templeton Investments as an example to investigate investors’ purchase intention of non-award-wining funds from an awarded investment company. We also study the relationships and effects between brand awareness, brand image, brand trust, perceived quality, and purchase intention of non-award-wining funds. The research findings show that brand awareness has both significantly direct and indirect effects on brand trust, and the indirect effects are mainly via brand image and perceived quality. Besides, both brand image and perceived quality have a significantly direct effect on brand trust. Brand trust also has a significantly positive effect on purchase intention. However, both brand image and perceived quality do not have an indirect effect on purchase intention via brand trust.

    JEL classification numbers: G1, M1, M5
    Keywords: Brand awareness, Brand image, Perceived quality, Brand trust, Purchase intention