Journal of Applied Finance & Banking

Credit Supply Response to Non-Performing Loans: Some Evidence From the Italian Banking System

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    Do high levels of NPLs depress credit supply? And, what are the implications of NPL buildups on banks' lending behaviour? To answer these questions we estimate impulse responses using local projections on an unbalanced sample of Italian banks observed from 2009 to 2016. Our results provide fresh evidence on the negative association between NPLs and banks' loans supply. More specifically, we find that an unexpected shock to the level of NPL ratio is negatively associated to credit supply for at least two years after. Similarly, an unanticipated NPL ratio buildup is related to banks adopting a conservative lending behaviour in the following four years.


    JEL classification numbers: E51, E58, G00, G21

    Keywords: NPLs, Loan Supply, Local Projections Model