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Factors affecting the level of depositorsí satisfaction towards the services of commercial bank: Evidence from Vietcombank, Can Tho branch, Vietnam

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  • Abstract 

    This study aims to analyze factors affecting the level of depositorsí satisfaction in Vietcombank, Can Tho brand (Vietnam). The data of this study was collected by a convenient sampling method from 65 customers who came to the bank for opening the savings account. By using the Cronbach's Alpha analysis to test the reliability of the scale, the exploratory factor analysis (EFA) to test the factors that affect depositors' satisfaction and determine the factors that are relevant for each factor, the confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), a special case of the structural equation modeling (SEM) to confirm the theoretical model of a measurement and test the correlations between the factors whether they are an explicit part of the analysis or not, and regression analysis to determine the impact factors (including controlling factors) to the level of depositors' satisfaction, we find a piece of evidence that the satisfaction of depositors towards the services of Vietcombank, Can Tho branch (Vietnam) mainly depends on the service quality. Therefore, to attract more depositors, the bank needs to pay attention to the quality of service to have a better service for customers.


    JEL classification numbers: G15, G21, G28

    Keywords: Bank, depositor, satisfaction, service quality