Journal of Finance and Investment Analysis

Aims and Scope

The Journal of Finance and Investment Analysis (JFIA) aims to provide an international forum where researchers and practitioners can contribute to knowledge of sustainable finance and investment theory and practice. The journal publishes research articles of topical items in sustainable finance and investment. The focus of the journal is social and governance principles as formulated in managed investment, banking, money and project finance. 

The journal publishes original papers including but not limited to the following fields: Investments in Developing Countries, Investments under Uncertainty, Economics of Investments, Portfolio management, Investment Banking, Emerging markets, Financial Strategies of Investments, Political economy and sociology of financial markets and Market Analysis.

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Special Issue 2023: The Global Effects of Covid-19 in Finance and Investment Analysis

Journal of Finance and Investment Analysis invites submissions from researchers on the broader topic of the short and long term global effects of Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) in finance and investments.

A series of dedicated Special Issues will be published within 2023.

The themes of the Special Issues are (but not limited to) the following:

  • Short and long term effects to finance and investments
  • Short and long term effects to housing investments and real estate
  • Effects to the organisation of finance and investments
  • Effects to international banking and international investments
  • Control and containment of the virus effects in finance and investment systems
  • Effects to the financing of private business and startups
  • Assesment of the virus risk in long and short term investments
  • Financing the global construction industry
  • Financing sustainable energy projects
  • Financing governmental departments and governmental projects
  • Intelligent finance systems for mitigation of virus risk
  • Effects to the organisational behaviour in banking and finance organisations
  • Work from home and intelligent banking systems
  • Effects to currencies and exchange rates
  • Emerging economies and new markets
  • Financing of health services and health boards
  • Financing e-commerce and e-commodity markets
  • Economics of health systems for mitigating the impacts of Covid-19
  • Finance for medical business
  • Implications to the finance and investment systems of Asia, Oceania, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas
  • Ethics issues in financing and investing to affected organisations
  • Financial support to affected countries through international financial systems
  • Financing sustainable business and "Business for Good" in Asia, Oceania, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas

Current Issue : Volume 12, Issue 3 (2023)