International Journal Of Occupational Health and Public Health Nursing

Integrating perinatal mental health into primary health: the role of community midwife

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  • Abstract

    Perinatal mental health disorders are undoubtedly connected to maternal and fetal morbidity. Accordingly, there is a great need of proper approach, support and health care provision of vulnerable women during this central period of their lives. Motherhood concerns community health professionals of various specialties, who require special training and studies regarding perinatal mental disorders and consequences for woman and the newborn. A sufficient supporting network aiming to vulnerable women’s care and treatment throughout pregnancy and postpartum period can be created only with the state’s contribution. The creation of sufficiently organized integrated primary care services, which are made especially for vulnerable women’s support and are staffed with interdisciplinary teams, is more than necessary.

    Keywords: perinatal mental health disorders, pregnancy, postpartum, health professionals, community midwifery.