International Journal Of Occupational Health and Public Health Nursing

The Current Level of Health of the Greek Population and an Investigation into the Negative Impact of the Economic Crisis on Health Indicators

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  • Abstract

    The aim of this project is to identify the determinants that affect the level of population health and to describe the current level of population health in Greece, reflecting its evolution over time through health indicators and comparing it with the evolution of the Portuguese population. In particular, reference is made to positive health indicators, such as life expectancy and annual population growth, and negative indicators such as morbidity, mortality and infant mortality rate. Using scientific research in the literature and online statistical databases, it is investigated whether and to what extent the economic crisis has adversely affected health indicators, also determining which indicators these are. Subsequently, statistical data is presented in tables and charts, defining the negative impact of the economic recession in Greece and Portugal. Following this, a comparison is made between the results and those reported in the Granados and Rodriguez study. Finally, reference is made to the evolution of total health expenditure per capita in both countries in correlation with the results of the negative impact of recession on health indicators.

    Keywords: Health indicators, Economic crisis-recession, Health level, Health expenditure.