International Journal Of Occupational Health and Public Health Nursing

Assessment of Geriatric Focused Care for Latinos and Black Americans in the American Healthcare Sector

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  • Abstract

    Provision of focused health care to older adults is necessary to ensure sustenance of high quality of life. The purpose of this study is to assess the geriatric-focused care
    for Latinos and Black Americans. Quantitative analysis of existing 14 studies and 16 hospital records. Significantly fewer older adults of Latino (21.7%) and Black American (14.3%) origin are engaged in geriatric-focused care compared to other races (64%, p =0.001). Factors observed to affect enrolment in geriatric focused care include multicultural workforce (r=0.643, p =0.001), cross-cultural leadership (r=0.44, p =0.031) and high knowledge of cultures (r=0.469, p =0.003). Low enrolment was also associated with language barrier (r=-0.276, p =0.035) and prohibitive cultural values (r= -0.149, p = 0.44). Disparity in the provision of geriatric-focused care is associated with prohibitive community related factors and lack of cross-cultural leadership and a multicultural workforce in the health sector.

    Keywords: Geriatric Focused care; Latinos; Black Americans; Culturally congruent health care; Disparity.