International Journal Of Occupational Health and Public Health Nursing

Research of Interdisciplinary Cooperation in the Management of Cardiovascular Emergencies through the Covid-19 Pandemic; A Review of Literature

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    The management of emergency cardiovascular events and especially cardiac arrest, which is occurring more and more often globally, requires the establishment of special interdisciplinary teams (blue code, RRT), both to prevent its occurrence and to increase survival rates. Special communication and organization tools of these groups (SBAR, RSVP) have been established worldwide and attention has been given to the development of non-technical skills of their members (ANTS). The aim of this review was to examine the current literature on the function and effectiveness of interdisciplinary teams in the treatment of in-hospital cardiovascular emergencies during the Covid-19 pandemic. Studies from USA, Sweden, Brazil and S. Korea showed a reduction of mortality and numbers of in-hospital cardiac arrests after RRT teams implementation and interventions. Covid-19 pandemic is resulting in delaying in CPR implementation to emergency incidents as these teams are required to use special both personal and general protective equipment while managing these incidents. Despite differentiations among countries and health systems globally, itís comprehensible that interdisciplinary teams have to be reinforced by the set-up and implementation of programs and training courses both to improve survival and save heath recourses.

    Keywords: Emergency cardiac diseases, Cardiac arrest, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Interdisciplinary teams, Pandemic, Coronavirus/covid-19.