International Journal Of Occupational Health and Public Health Nursing

Describing Patient Transfers from Healthcare Units of Islands to the Hospitals of the Capital City of Greece: The Case of the General Hospital-Health Center of Naxos

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  • Abstract 

    The geographical location of a Healthcare Unit is directly related to its staffing and the services developed. The inter-hospital transfers performed play a key role in the development of the Island and remote health structures. The investigation of these 1.767 transfers, taking place from 1st January 2014 to 31st August 2018, provides valuable information about the dynamics of each Nursing organization, as well as the investigation of its weaknesses. Based on the records of cases that need transfer, strategic planning can be achieved for each remote health structure separately, in order for the necessary structures, departments and laboratories to be developed, to the performance of these organizations to be improved and the need for transfer to be reduced. 

    Keywords: Patient Transfers, National Center for Emergency Assistance, Insularity, Ambulance, Protocols.