International Journal Of Occupational Health and Public Health Nursing

Stress/Anxiety & Depression levels in oncological patients' support environment focusing on postoperative care: A prospective study

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    Cancer is a disease with high mortality and morbidity rates. It affects both patients and their families, physically and emotionally. To demonstrate the depression, anxiety and stress level, which the support environment (SP) experience after a cancer surgery. Prospective study designed to evaluate and correlate depression, anxiety and stress of SP –through D.A.S.S. scale 42-items- during postoperative care of oncological patients. From December 2013 until May 2014, 323 adult SP, whose patients suffering and surgically treating for cancer, were asked. The stress level of SP was not significantly correlated with gender, marital status or educational level (÷2= 2.892, df = 4, p=.575, ÷2= 14.244, df = 12, p=.285, ÷2= 6.959, df = 12, p=.860, retrospectively). Evaluation of the pain has occurred with VAS scale, so the day of surgery SPs’ depression, anxiety and stress was correlated rho=.141, p=.011, rho=.154, p=.005, rho=.145, p=.009, retrospectively. There was a significant correlation between the complications and SP’ anxiety and stress level (÷2= 387.477, df = 34, p< .001, ÷2= 286.529, df = 37, p< .001, retrospectively). SP’s focused interventions need to be developed and evaluated to determine the type of approaches that help SP supports patient, in postoperative period.