Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Structural interpretation of the Mamfe Basin from from satellite gravity data (EGM 2008)

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    A structural map of the Mamfe basin was produced from multi-scale analysis of EGM2008 derived gravity data. Faults usually restructure sediment architecture possibly forming structural petroleum traps. The Horizontal Gradient Magnitude (HGM) was applied to the EGM2008 gravity data to generate a structural map which exhibits the faults within the Basin. Upward continuation at different heights was first applied to the dataset and HGM later applied at each continuation height to issue a resultant grid which highlighted high gradients which corresponds to the lineaments. The results show faults to be oriented predominantly NE-SW and to a lesser extent in the E-W directions; and also suggest the basement faults could have controlled sediment architecture for the formation of structural traps. The position of the faults on this structural map highly correlates with that of faults represented on the geologic map of the study area, and this implies that this structural map could be used to update the geologic map of the study area.

    Keywords: EGM2008 gravity data, Horizontal gradient magnitude, Faults, Sediment architecture.