Journal of Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering

Crushed aggregate response upon impact in dry and wet conditions

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  • Abstract

    This paper presents results from a series of impact tests upon coarse-grained crushed aggregate. The material has been evaluated for two conditions, i.e. dry and wet (pendular state). Three main sets of test configurations were used with respect to compactive effort (low, medium and high) which was defined by the impact velocity of a drop hammer. Three accelerometers were installed in an impact machine to measure deceleration of the drop hammer and accelerations in the tested material at three different locations. The studied parameters were density, compaction, angle of repose, critical angle and particle size distribution. The results showed that the wet material gives larger density as well as critical angle. However, there was no discernible change in particle size distribution.

    Keywords: Impact tests, granular material, aggregate, compaction, wet material, dry material.